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2023 Graduation Work

In this collection, I have been on a journey of exploration, delving into the intricate concept of belonging and its opposite, not belonging. My chosen medium of expression is jewellery, and in this project, I wanted to unravel what 'Home' truly means.

As I reflect on my process, I see how I have been relentlessly pursuing the different forms and shapes that effectively convey the emotions I associate with my chosen topic. I have been experimenting with various surfaces, seeking to capture the essence of my feelings in each piece I create.

My aim was to break free from the confines of traditional jewellery-making rules and  to find unique solutions to common jewellery-making problems, such as wearability and the seamless connection of different elements. I wish to unlearn the strict and conventional approaches to jewellery-making and pave my own path towards creative expression.



I aspire to create distinctive and easily recognizable pieces reflective of my artistic style. I seek to establish a signature style that people can associate with me and my work. My ultimate goal is to create jewellery that speaks to people on a personal level, evoking emotions and resonating with their own individual sense of style.

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