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Whenever  I feel that a project is successful, it means that I managed to understand something new about myself. Through this understanding, I can connect with others and understand our society better.


Within the process, I comprehend certain aspects of life - it is self-learning in many ways, and my main interest is to explore our human experience through this medium. The essence of my last four years of study at the Glasgow School of Art is that I learnt to allow myself into the unknown. Stepping away from my comfort zone, I am able to allow chance to be part of the creative process. I want to investigate how I can blur the borders between jewellery and sculpting, collages, and written words.


I enjoy this in-betweenness of art and design, the unique connection to the body and the complex relationship between wearer, maker and viewer. I am interested in how jewellery can be a tool for a conversation. Seeing how an object can provoke dialogue and how it can ask questions is an integral part of my work.

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