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Vica Gabor

BORN in Budapest, Hungary, currently living in Edinburgh (UK)


2023-2024 - (in progress) MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art), University of Glasgow (UK)

2019-2023 - BA (Hons) Jewellery Design & Silversmithing, The Glasgow School of Art (UK)
2018-2019 - Contemporary Jewellery Design One Year Course, SilverHub Studios, Edinburgh (UK)

2017-2018 - Jewellery Techniques (various), SilverHub Studios, Edinburgh (UK)
2010-2012 - Theology Studies, John Wesley Theological College, Budapest (HU)
2006-2007 - Photography course, College of Minshar Le Omanut, Tel-Aviv (ISR)

2022 - SilverHub Studios, School of Jewellery Design - teacher assistant

2021 - Current Obsession magazine - research & interviews

WORKSHOPS (as a student)
2015 - Andy Warhol (taught by Dr Glyn Davis), University of Edinburgh Online
2016 - Design: Creation of Artefacts in Society (taught by Karl T. Ulrich), University of Pennsylvania Online Education 2009 – The Camera as a Medium, photography workshop, Budapest (HU)
2008 - Traditional Jewellery Techniques, Tel-Aviv (ISR)

WORKSHOPS (as a trainer)
2021 - Powder-coating workshop for jewellery designers, Kredenc Studio, Budapest (HU) WORKSHOPS (as organiser)
2021 - (Moving) Jewellery Between Body and Space, with Liesbet Bussche and Lodie Kardouss

2023 - Founding member of Kontrapunkt Collective (international)
2019 - Founding member of Possession Collective of contemporary jewellers (UK)


EXHIBITIONS (as exhibitor)

2024 - Munich Jewellery Week: Permission to Speak, Kontrapunkt Collective (DE)

2023 - New York Jewellery Week: Truth or Dare, Adonraxis, (USA)

2023 - New York Jewellery Week: Dream Machine Exhibition (USA)

2023 - Obsessed Festival- Amsterdam; Permission to Speak, Kontrapunk Collective (NL)

2023 - Tincal Lab Group Exhibition; Travel and Jewellery (PT)
2023 - Melting Point: Kontrapunkt, Valencia (SP)
2023 - The Baltik Amber Trip, Vilnius ( LT)
2022 - Budapest Jewelry Week, Budapest Kontrapunkt, K.A.S. Galéria (HU)
2021 - Precious Encounters (Glasgow School of Art student exhibition, Glasgow  (UK)
2020 - Budapest Jewelry Week, Budapest Connections (with Possessions Collective) Budapest (HU)
2019 - Meanderings, SilverHub Studios, Bloc Gallery, Edinburgh (UK)
2018 - Pop-up exhibition of local designers, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh (UK)

EXHIBITIONS (as curator)
2020 (ongoing) - @wearable_objects Instagram account, introducing contemporary/conceptual/performance jewellery designers/artists, as well as book recommendations, interviews and workshops
2010 - Sun Papers, Bruno Bourel, Retrospective Photography Exhibition, Rumbach Street Synagogue, Budapest (HU)

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