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About Sketchbooks:

A sketchbook serves as my creative companion, where I gather thoughts, shapes, and ideas. It's a versatile canvas where I experiment with various artistic techniques, including mark-making, mixed media, collages, and relevant texts. This workbook is the heart of my project's development, capturing the evolution of my creative process.

Overcoming my reservations about drawing, I embraced the power of collages and visual elements. My sketchbook emerged as a documentation of my artistic journey, where I feel confident in my compositional decisions. It's a tool to immerse myself in project briefs and establish a profound connection with the themes I explore.

Sometimes, I fill pages without preconceived notions, allowing spontaneity to guide me. Later, I connect the dots, uncovering answers and insights into my creative process. This two-dimensional space fosters creativity, enabling me to play with different compositions, colour schemes, and organizational methods.

Through notes, diagrams, and visuals, I gain a deeper understanding of my projects, my thoughts, and my emotions. In essence, it's a reflection of a specific period in my creative journey, showcasing my responses to various topics, my moods, and my burning questions. It's a vital instrument for self-discovery, a safe haven, a bridge to connect with ideas, and a medium for self-expression.

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